Gour jajabar is a unique tale for children.  It blends the reality and fairytale perfectly.  Gour the poor orphan working as a cowherd for the zamindar Sahababu.  He cries within himself for the paltry food that is given by the employer and thinks that the animal is happier who gets a better meal.  He decides to leave the village.  He is fond of a particular cow Budh and his unhappiness in his present state.  The cow and the large banyan tree are the two things in this village that are tying him down.  He is a boy of little expectation and is satisfied with very little. 

It’s already evening.  The sun is about to set and the cattle have not been taken to the stable.  He is apprehensive of the anger of the owner.  Tears roll down his cheeks.  The sun sets.  The moon rises higher.  Gour tore himself away from Budha.  Bids her goodbye and then walks away straight ahead.  He is walking as if in a trance, crosses the big meadow, the railway line in the moonlit forest.  He crossed a village where people are preparing to celebrate holi and lit a fire.  He arrives at a village near which is a pond.  He was right.  He crossed the pond and then he found a few huts as if waiting to welcome him.  He heard an angry rough voice saying, “I’ll kill Pocha.  Papa, you take your lathi and come with me.”  Somebody asked, “Has he stolen again?”  The rough voice said, “Yes dad.  Just as the sun set he brought a gamcha, soap and full pant stolen from somebody.”  The other voice said, “this is his last holi, you go I’m coming.”  He heard a voice crying, “Forgive me papa.  Brother take the ties off my hands.  I’ll never steal again.”  The rough voice said, “you’ll live for another half an hour only.  Whatever you can do in the half hour you may.”  Pocha then cried for his mother.  The mother came back at some stage.  Gour could not tolerate any longer.  He came into the yard and shouted towards Pocha’s father, “Please untie him for this time atleast.  I’ll sing to him the fable of Valmiki and I’m sure he will not steal again.”  But his father said, “who are you?”  Gour told his name.  “You have come to my home, Gour, in the evening before dol purnima.  We should treat you properly.”  They were arranging for a treat for Gour. 

Gour ate to his content and then sitting down under the moon in the yard he began singing how the robber Ratnakar became a great poet in a sweet voice.  When he finished there was tear in everybody’s eyes. 

Gour had decided that he will not stay in a house more than a night.  There is no dearth of shelter on this earth.  So the next morning he ate his meal to his fill and went away to the jungle.  Suddenly he is accost by Pocha, who said, “I don’t like this pety thief home, I’ll have a group of robbers.  Will you join us?” 

Gour told him, “you are very stupid.  Why do you need so much money?  Have a plate of hot rice, get into your bed and think of your parents.  Is there anything better?”

Gour forwarded and saw the house from a distance.  The front yard was full of flowers in a riot of colours.  Gour went up and knocked in the door.  “Alms please”, he said.  There was no response.  Then Gour heard the sound of wailing.  He thought he could stay the night here but it seemed impossible.  Then the door opened slightly and an old woman bend by her age said, “you go away today”.  Gour said, “I’ll stay only the night.  Can’t I.”  The old woman said, “there is nobody here who can cook a meal for you” and she wailed profusely.  Gour said, “tell me what has happened, may be I can help”.  The old woman said that, “my older grandson has been bitten by a snake”.  They have taken his body; they would put it on a float of banana trunks and put it into the river.  The old woman couldn’t stop crying.  Gour had seen many cases of snakebite.  Most of them die of it some survive.  He asked the old woman when did he get the snakebite.Last night.  People tried their best.  He didn’t open his eyes.  His young wife cannot stop crying.  Gour did not wait.  He went towards the river.  There were some people standing under a peepal tree.  They were all preparing a float of banana trunk.  Gour told the people that please make a larger float.  I’ll go with the dead.  The people were surprised and replied, “It is not possible.”  Gour said, “in case he recovers while floating he will feel very lonely if he gets back his consciousness.”  Gour asked for some muri chirey and patali.  Also some green coconut.  The float was ready.  Some eatables were put on the float and some utensils and a knife.  Then Nabin’s body was placed on the float and Gour joined.  They were all crying and the float was moving fast in the current.  Gour began rowing.  The village was left behind and could not be seen anymore.  The sun was also at the point of setting.  Nabin looked very young, may be a few years older than Gour.